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Recent Features

March 2014

Update Individual Parameters

When "Update Parameters" is selected, the last stored values will be loaded. This will make it easier to update individual parameters because you will not have to set all of parameters each time you update.


February 2014

Share Livestock

You can now share livestock images when you share your tank parameters. This new feature is located on the Share screen located on your account dashboard. Click "Dashboard" > "Share" > from the Share screen, click the sort option for photos.


December 2013

ORP Settings

ORP is now added to the account parameters. This can be tracked manually or with a controller. Make sure to activate the ORP probe from within the Controller Settings if you will be using a controller.


November 2013

Constant Login

Users can now stay logged in and not have to keep signing in. To disable the constant login, simply sign out of your account.

Livestock Gallery

Multiple images can now be added for each livestock. The livestock profile has a button to view the Profile and a button to view the Gallery.

October 2013

Task Notifications

Users can now set email or sms notifications for scheduled tasks. These can be set when a task is created or when a task is edited.

Expense Purchase Date

A purchase date can now be associated with expenses. The purchase date can be past, present, or future. If no date is set, the purchase date will be set to the date the expense was added.

Freshwater and Brackish Fish

Modifications have been made to the livestock section that makes adding fish easier. We also have added the ability to separate fish species based on Saltwater, Freshwater, or Brackish water types.

Marketing Assets

We have set up a page with all our marketing assets (logo, icons, fonts, colors, etc.). Feel free to use any of the material on this page for your own website, blog, or marketing.


Developers can now create custom applications and apps using the Reefware API. The API will help with future projects including apps for iOS and Android. Read more about the API in the new Developers section of Reefware.

Edit Livestock Species

Livestock species can now be edited with the species dialog instead of an HTML select field. This allows users to search and add fish species more easily.

Aquarium Log

Notes can now be added each time you update your levels. These notes will show up in the aquarium log located under the parameters tab. Simply select aquarium log for the layout option in the upper right.

Edit and Delete Parameters

Users now have the ability to edit and delete parameters and aquarium logs. These two additions can be found under the new Aquarium Log feature.

Livestock Quantity

Livestock can now be assigned a quantity. This quantity number will appear on the overview and profile page for all livestock. This will make it easier for users to add multiple inverts, fish, corals, and plants.

September 2013

Reef Angel Controllers

Support for the Reef Angel Controller has been added. This feature is found under the "Controller Settings" and both the standard and plus model have been added.

Username and Password for Controllers

Username and Password fields have been added to the "Controller Settings" for controllers that require this information. This feature helped fix issues some users were receiving.

Addition of Notifications (SMS and Email)

Phase 1 of the notification has been set up. Users can now add notifications for their Water Level, Filter Media's, and Parameters. Notifications can be sent to your mobile phone or email. This feature is found under the "Notification Settings".

Livestock Sorting

There was an issue when sorting between inverts, coral, and fish from the livestock section. This bug has been fixed.

Downloading Task to Mobile or Computer Calendar

The ability to sync your Reefware tasks with your third party calendar has been added. When a task is viewed from the Schedule there is the option to download iCal. iCal (Internet Calendar) will sync with many popular third party calendars (i.e. Outlook, Apple, Google, etc.).

Deleting Expenses

Expenses can now be deleted. This feature can be found when you edit an expense. There is a link at the top of the page that says "Delete Expense", when clicked a dialog will appear asking for your confirmation.

Parameter Sliders and Inputs

A user can now click on the values below a slider to update their parameters. The sliders and inputs have also been adjusted to be more user friendly with iPad and iPhone users.

Phosphate Decimals

Additional decimals have been added to the Phosphate parameter. This was requested for more accurate readings.

Opened 25 Additional Ports

Additional Ports have been added for aquarium controllers.

Request a Port to be Opened

A user can now request a port to be opened directly from the "Controller Settings". An alert will appear if a Port is not currently opened. The user will then see a button appear to request this new port to be opened. Please allow up to 24 hours for this Port to be opened.

Share Aquarium Parameters, Water Level, and Filter Media

Users now have the ability to monitor or share their aquarium from a new interface. From your Account Dashboard there is a "Share" link. You will have the ability to share your aquarium through social networks, with a direct link to your share interface, or with an embed code to place on your own blog or website.