API Reference

The Reefware API is based on two sets of parameters; Methods and Options.


Methods relate to each section of a Reefware account.

These include:

  • Account - Retrieves data about an account.
  • Default - Retrieves data about an accounts default settings.
  • Controller - Retrieves data about controller settings.
  • Notification - Retrieves all active notifications currently set up.
  • Tank - Retrieves tank details.
  • Livestock - Retrieves all livestock set up on an account.
  • Parameter - Retrieves all saved water parameters.
  • Calendar - Retrieves all tasks added to an account schedule.
  • Expense - Retrieves expenses for all tanks.
  • Evaporation - Retrieves water evaporation settings and current status for each tank.
  • Media - Retrieves all filter media set up for each tank.


Options alter the data being returned by an API request.

These include:

  • Data - This option allows specific information to be returned. Without the Data Option, all information will be returned.
  • Tank - This option is required for two methods (Evaporation & Media). This will be the tank token for a specific tank.
  • Format - This option will change the response format between JSON and XML.
  • Limit - This option will limit the number of results that are returned.
  • Offset - This option will return entries starting at a specific number.
  • Suppress - This option allows the status code to always return as 200 OK.